Story Journal

Story Journal combines maps, photos, and videos to tell compelling travel stories. It makes it easy to share and discover photos and videos with location references.


Create an app to help people tell their travel stories


I interviewed people to learn their needs of capturing the moment when traveling. I asked them questions about how they take photos and videos and what could help them share those media. 

Quotes from users

Interview findings

Stories on existing social media apps

Easy to consume but do not emphasize user curating 

Need to record travel experiences

Stories or journals that do not expire; longer stories for trips

Need to know where stories happened

Want to know where photos or videos were taken. Locations are part of a story.


Based on my research findings, I created a  persona to help guide my design decisions. Sophia has motivations and frustrations similar to what I learned from the user interviews.

Comparative research

The stories format has been one of the most sticky features in social apps like Snapchat and Instagram. Users put together videos, photos, and texts to share their moments and experiences. Below is a brief summary of the Stories feature in popular apps.

Functional requirements

The app has to allow users to manage their travel stories, including locations, photos, and videos.




Create stories with texts, photos, videos

Save locations from media or user input

Show stories along routes on a map


Follow others’ stories


Like, bookmark, comment, and share stories


Profile screen

View comments

Add location information to a photo

View other's story

Photos missing location information


View own story

View locations information

Edit photo/video information

User test

5 users tested


Create a story from a recent trip

Edit locations of photos for a story

Edit own profile

Test findings


Create story


Add location


Edit profile

Have to import photos and videos first.

Unable to add more photos once the creation started.

Not sure where to find story drafts.

Unable to mark locations on the map


The location input does not look like a search input

Unclear what the settings look like

UI design

Selects a friend who travels with you

Select media from photo library and import them into the story.

Edit location of photos

View the published story. 


A structured design process can save a lot of time later.

Important to develop information architecture and task flow first before jumping into designs.

Wireframes need to show details of task flows.

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